Carl Oscar -Juice Box Holder Oscar 3 years

Everything started with a


In the beginning of 2007, our son Carl was sitting in his car seat drinking from a juice box. That resulted in lots of spills and mess when he squeezed it, and most of the contents ended up on his clothes and in the car. At that moment the idea for a juice box holder was born and finally it became our first product. Our children Carl, currently 15 years old and Oscar, 13 years have named the company and also gives us constant inspiration and ideas for new products.

/Annika & Niclas


¨Carl Oscar - Níce Cup


Not impossible

Our working background is from the outdoor industry where we together have a total of 30 years experience. Annika has worked with customer service, shipping, marketing and communication. Niclas with production, purchasing, product development and logistics. Good functionality and high quality are fundamental within the outdoor industry. This knowledge and experience, we want to share with all who bring food and beverages on the go. Therefore, we combine function with color and design. Our goal is to provide affordable and functional products that make our customers’ everyday lives a bit easier while they are also fun and inspiring to use.



Inspired by Life

The aim of our design and colors is to attract both adults and children no matter where you live and what culture you come from. Good functionality is obvious.

We focus on our own family’s needs and desires when it comes to developing new features and functions. We are very pleased to note that the inspiration from our everyday life also works in other cultures and continents. Today, our products are represented among children and adults in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Italy, Turkey, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Australia, Guatemala, Mauritius, Canada, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia & China.

We look forward to the future ...



Protect the environment

We design affordable, versatile products with a focus on reuse and durability and ensure that they have a long service life with as environmentally friendly materials as possible, in terms of the entire production process and the service life of the product. We offer better alternatives to disposable items and also make it easier for our customers to reduce unnecessary food waste. 

Our motto is that Carl Oscar's products should be used as much and as often as possible. This means that they will be exposed to both tough conditions and a lot of wear and tear. Offering most parts of our products as spare parts is therefore an important part of our sustainability work. We believe that our customers of course should be able to replace, for example, a worn gasket or a lost lid in a simple way and in that way further extend the life of the product instead of throwing it away and buy a new one.



Non-Toxic & BPA-Free

All our products are BPA-free, non-toxic and foodgrade approved according to the European Food Contact Regulations and are safe for everything from water to children's food.



Stylish & timeless

The Carl Oscar products are designed and developed in Sweden, a country that is well known for its stylish and timeless design. Sweden is also at the forefront when it comes to creative innovation, quality, and sustainable environmental aspects. Most of our innovative products have worldwide patents.